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Wednesday, December 15, 2021
Happy 10 days until Christmas! I've got so much done although feel there's still so much to do. My freezer is getting filled with baking and shopping is done. However, wrapping has not even started yet! This weekend will (hopefully!) take care of that. 

In 1984, I was in high school and traveled to England for the Christmas holidays. My older brother, who was in university at the time, had flown ahead and met me there. We had an amazing time visiting my grandparents as well as all my aunts, uncles and cousins. (My immediate family moved to Canada when I was a child and my entire extended family was and is in England.) 1984 was the year Bandaid released their hit charity single, Do They Know It's Christmas. I melted each time I heard Sting sing his lines (and still do!). I remember the song was playing absolutely everywhere we went and, to this day, the song brings back lovely memories.

In keeping with my 80s hit challenges this year at Little Red Wagon, I felt that Do They Know It's Christmas was a fitting way for me to wrap things up for 2021. I understand that, while my family's tradition is Christmas, not everybody celebrates the way I do so would like to invite those of any tradition to join with their winter holiday projects. Regardless of beliefs, the idea should be about peace, love, joy and blessing others. 

I made a set of gift card holders. I will use these for both gift cards as well as information about a charity to which I've donated in honour of others.

Typically, my siblings and I exchange gifts for charities rather than gifts for each other. I absolutely love this idea and am always so delighted to learn that a family is getting a cow, education, immunizations, books, etc., in my name. And when I donate in my siblings' names, I always like to create a little note to let them know more about the donation. If you're not sure what to give somebody, giving a gift through charity is an idea you may wish to consider. You probably won't hear, "You shouldn't have" or "Is there a gift receipt with this?"!!

Please head over to Little Red Wagon to see what the rest of the Girlfriends have created - and then link up your own Christmas/winter holiday projects!


Brenda said...

The card holder itself would be an awesome Christmas present, these are sooosoo cute. I love your post, Kate. Your Christmas story was fun to hear about and your giving tradition sounds just like something you would do! Merry Christmas, Girlfriend, I'm sure the blessings you shower will be returned to you in the new year.

Witchcrafted Life said...

What wonderfully fond memories, Kate. Thank you for taking us back to 1984 (incidentally, the year I was born) to celebrate Christmas through the lens of your experiences that year.

I really enjoyed this heartwarming post (very much including your terrific cards, too, of course).

Alfred George Stevens 1867

Witchcrafted Life said...

Okay, too funny! I accidentally signed my comment with something I had been Googling moments earlier. Many apologies about that, dear Kate.

Autumn Zenith ๐Ÿงก Witchcrafted Life

Chrissy said...

I remember this song very well Kate as my children were born and at the age where they sang, very loud, and we used to put this song on at Christmas and belt it out for the world to hear..what great times to remember, gorgeous card holders, love the colours and designs..


JanR said...

Such cute gift card holder! I'm loving the bright colours. I really enjoyed reading about your 1984 Christmas and what you and your siblings do as gifts. TFS! (:

Imke said...

Such a wonderful idea to donate, Kate and these gift card holders are perfect for it.


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