Monday, May 21, 2012


Yikes!  I'm so sorry that this is posted late today.  I've been having technical difficulties over the past week which have since resulted in a new laptop and a new mobile!  My other laptop is less than 2 years old - with a 3 year warranty - but I gave up completely with Dell as they have been nothing but a headache since they got my money.  I'm supposed to have "next business day in home service" but usually have to wait 2-3 weeks for service and that just doesn't cut it with my work!  After the sixth time of needing to do a total restore, I decided to move on, count my losses and make a reliable purchase - and spread the word to avoid Dell like the plague!! 

This week is all about congratulations at My Craft Spot.  This is perfect timing as  I DO have wonderful news to share!  My daughter received early acceptance to McMaster University (aka Mac) a couple of months ago and, after weighing her options, she made the decision to accept the offer this past week.  My husband and I celebrated by taking Erin out for dinner and I made this card to show her how very proud we are of her.

I used Kate's ABCs and Cuttin' Up for the font.  The little flower is from Walk in My Garden and some punches.  The fabulous sentiment is from My Craft Spot's Friends and Neighbors - Inside and Out set.  I stitched around the My Mind's Eye paper and inked everything!  I also used my edge distresser around the mat.  I finished things off with a pearl and some vintage blue twine - also from My Craft Spot

This week is another hectic one for me but I'm hoping to save some time on Thursday for a bit of blogging.  I do feel so badly about my lack of visits to your blogs.  I always love seeing your creative projects and being awed and inspired by your work.  I'd love to see you post your projects for My Craft Spot's congratulations challenge too!


jessica said...

Congrats to your daughter!! You must be so proud!! I love
Your beautiful card! The pattern paper is gorgeous and your layout is fab!! Thanks for sharing and hope all your computer issues are now solved :)
Have a great day!

Angi said...

This is so fun. Love the wording!

Saundra said...

Congratulations to your daughter, Kate!! Your card is wonderful! I love the patterned papers and how you did the sentiment. ~Hugs

scrapperbecka said...

Awesome card! Congrats to your daughter. I had the same problem with Dell and I will never own one again!


Congrats to your daughter!! What is she taking? I love the card very cool!! Hope you are staying cool in this crazy hot weather!!

Tracey said...

Congratulations to your daughter Kate! Fabulous all the inking and stitching, the papers are great too.
ps. I have heard to stay away from Dell too....they have not got a very good name here either. Take Care:)

Heather said...

Great card. And congrats to your daughter.

Debbie said...

What a cute card!! Congrats to your DD!!

Tanya/Nonna said...

Such a lovely card Kate! And I know you must bursting with pride for your daughter. Congrats to her and you and your hubby! I know how you feel about computer "issues". I've had trouble with my Gateway computer also. It has been sent in for repair twice in the year that I have had it, both times with a failed hard drive. Hope you have good luck with your new computer, it's so frustrating when these things don't work the way they are supposed to!

Scrapper69 said...

Oh WOW Kate! That's AWESOME news about your Daughter! :o) How very exciting for her and you as the proud MOM! :o) Your card looks fabulous as always! I LOVE the paper and colors.... :o)
I'm sorry to hear about your PC issues too.... I've never liked dell... I really try very hard to stay away from them and I tell my family the same... I hope you enjoy your new PC and I hope you get many wonderful years of good use with it! :o)

Betsy said...

Wow! I'm shocked to see all the negative comments about Dell! I've had Dells for the past 10+ years, and anytime I've had the least bit of problem, if it couldn't be solved over the phone or through remote access, I've gotten great and speedy in-home service ~ usually the very next day! We had a Gateway about 12 years ago and had nothing but headaches with it and customer service ~ I vowed never to have one of those again. A friend of mine has had HP's and has had nothing but problems with those. Makes you wonder what brand of computer you should buy!!
Anyway, cute card and congrats to your daughter!!

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

Congrats on such great news! My Son just Graduated ASU and we are thrilled! Your card is perfect, very fitting! We start summer in just 3 days!

Sherrie K. said...

Congrats to your daughter, Erin! Hoe exciting for her and I am sure you are all proud. Such a great time in their lives:) I love your card! The colors are so fun and love how you did the sentiment-very cool:)
That's a bummer about your computer but hope all is good and all that's behind you:) I hate computer problems:( No fun!
Have a great day my friend!
Sherrie K

Sentimental Scrapper said...

Cute card! I love how you did your sentiments! Congrats to your daughter! :)

Monika Borua said...

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Jayne said...

Hi Kate,a huge Congratulations to your daughter,how wonderful.
Love your card,such pretty DP and great wording.
Hope you get some free time to enjoy soon.
Jayne x

GiGi said...

This is such a great card Kate! I love how you personalized it for your daughter. Congrats to her too and have a great day!

Amy said...

Great card!! I love all of the patterned papers- very fun! :)Amy

Besthobbyeva said...

Awesome card!! Congrats to your daughter!! So exciting! You must be so proud!!

I am so sorry to hear bout your stupid computer. I will be sure to keep your helpful information in mind when buying a laptop!

I hope all is well!


janner said...

Congrats to your daughter! My daughter went to Mac and loved it. She was in Kin and later went to Chiropractic College in England. Love your card!!

Linda Kaiser said...

Love the card and I am so sorry about your computer. I recently had to buy a new laptop and was so not happy.

Congrats to your daughter!

Tammy said...

WOW!!! What a card?!?! I LOVE the different patterns and colors that you used to make such a winner of a card!!! WOW---did you fussy cut these or cut them on an electronic cutter? Either way---it's super professional!!
Thank you for allowing me to glean from you-

--Oh my goodness---really?!?!?----Computer technical difficulties can be trying---but being able to see light at the end of the tunnel---which we all know is there--even when we can't see it for the trees:)---is so beyond words at that point:)

Just fyi---this will most likely sound like a commercial, I get nothing from the following company---except the blessing of their service:) IF you have a windows based computer----desktop and or laptop----as many as you own----you can purchase something called the Magic Flash drive---WHAT A BLESSING?!?!?-- The cost is more the first year---if it's not on sale (which I heard that has on sale for a super price---but I have yet to confirm) I paid something like 90.00---- now I'm down to 60 something---per year----what is it?? A little flash drive that connects you to a computer genius (in my mind:)----you can choose to do an automatic tune up----or if you need ANY kind of help with your computer---ANYTHING---downloading something to cleaning a virus off ----they will do so remotely how ever many times per day---cheerfully---for 365 days of the year----SUCH a blessing:) IF you can or WHEN you can---check it out as I've had the blessing of having this service for hmmm working on 2 years now---And again---it is for any and all computers that you own at your home (windows based) 365 days---24 hours a day---so if you suspect a virus or a not so great glitch---pop in your magic flash drive before going to bed---communicate what's up and they'll work on it while you're sleeping:)
I'm so proud of your daughter, too!!! 'doin' the happy dance!!!

Thank you so very very much for being you---you are such a blessing:) be blessed
~Beyond Measure